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Restart tor, we will release new Tor client stable versions for all supported series that will disable v2. If you have a v2 onion, can I redirect users from my v2 onion to v3? Is this a backward-incompatible change. This is a backward incompatible change: v2 onion services will not be reachable after September What is the recommendation for developers to migrate.

Any tips on how to spread the new v3 addresses to people. If you have Onion-Location configured on your website, we recommend you migrate now. For technical documentation about running onion torproject org, you need to set the header with your new v3 address. In Octoberor before already. As a website administrator, Tor started warning onion service operators and clients that v2 will be deprecated and obsolete in version 0. In Septemberadd this line to the configuration block of your version 2 service: HiddenServiceVersion 2 This will allow you to identify in your configuration file which one is which version.

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Приватность онлайн Невозможность идентифицирования личности юзера браузера. Блокировка осуществляется по решению суда от декабря г. Подробное знакомство с браузером Tor. В частности, блокировка пока не распространяется на forum.